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Why I’m supporting Boris Johnson for leader

We are in a constitutional crisis at the moment. MPs have two mandates, one from the referendum, where 52% of voters voted to leave the EU, and one from the GE, where 80% of voters voted for parties which promised to leave the EU, and where over 90% of MPs currently sitting in Parliament stood on manifestos which explicitly said that the referendum result would be accepted. Parliament cannot face the electorate at the moment, because Parliament has not delivered on what it promised to deliver.

In other words, the only way to break out of this deadlock and bring this crisis to a halt is by getting out of the European Union, one way or another. The only man who can do that in the leadership contest? Yes – it’s Boris Johnson.

Boris actually campaigned for leave. His heart was with the leave cause and his efforts were put towards ensuring Brexit. For all May’s faults, she said one thing which is completely true, “you can only deliver Brexit if you believe in Brexit”, and she was right. She could not deliver Brexit, and nor can a remainer like Hunt.

Hunt changed his Brexit stance by the season over the past three years, almost as if it was a fashion trend, whereas Boris has been relatively consistent—even MV3 was voted for through gritted teeth.

Besides that, Boris understands extremely well where Conservatives have gone wrong, and seeks to reverse those wrongdoings. He does not think the working class are beneath him, and does not seek to punish them with the sugar tax, which will affect the poorest in society the most (who are, by the way, fully capable of making their own decisions, just like the wealthy who can afford the sugar tax regardless of how high it is).

Using the fiscal headroom he wants to:

>get more police onto our streets, with higher rates of stop and search. With the rise in knife crime, it is vital that we have a stronger police presence on our streets.

>invest more in education, ensuring that our children have the best start in life and the best education possible.

>look into lowering corporation and business tax, which will inevitably go back into the market and stimulate growth, creating more jobs for the community, helping to increase social mobility.

And this is only the beginning!

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