Councillor Samantha Harvey, representing the beautiful rural Wakefield

I am currently the Conservative Councillor for the Wakefield Rural Ward. I also own travel agency OneWorld Travel which has four branches across Yorkshire.

In 1995, I moved to Yorkshire after marrying into a mining family. My husband and I have three children, who were all raised and educated in Wakefield. Although I obtained a degree in China, I obtained my UK qualifications in Maths and English aged 29, and subsequently received my Master’s in the UK.

My company, One World Travel is an independent travel agency on the Wakefield high street, created to provide the highest standard of travel service to the local community. This why I am a keen supporter of high street initiatives as I see local businesses as foundations to our community.

I am also extremely passionate about the influence of education on social mobility. I want everyone to have the help and support necessary to achieve their personal ambitions. This is why I was eager to become a school governor and district councillor.

I never entered politics for glamour or notoriety, I am here because I feel passionately that many politicians do only the bare minimum in their local communities. Local politics brings about the best kind of change; lasting, bespoke, and effective policies rarely come from a national source. Improvements to road safety, planning, housing and community initiatives work best when the policy’s source is the very people whose lives it is attempting to improve. That is why as your councillor I work tirelessly with our community to address local concerns.

I will continue to do all I can to ensure your concerns and suggestions are heard and prioritised.

Want to get in touch or report a problem? Email me at or get in touch on 07946135899.