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Brexit, and why it matters

In Wakefield, where I am a councillor, 66% of constituents voted to leave the EU. This area is patronised by the wishes of a remainer MP, who was in fact elected in 2017 owing to a manifesto which said she would honour the referendum result. So what problems does that create for Wakefield, and most importantly, the democratic will of the people in Wakefield?

The bitter reality is that politics is stuck until Brexit is delivered. There is no way forward, and no way backwards. Parliamentary time is constantly taken up by the topic of Brexit, and the revocation of Article 50 would drill holes into the already broken relationship between MPs and the people. In fact a poll by Hansard showed 50% of the population do not trust MPs from the two main parties. What is that caused by? The failure of the current Parliament to deliver Brexit.

When David Cameron said it is our decision, back in 2016, the people in this country and the people in my constituency put their faith into MPs. The ratio of remainer MPs to remainer constituencies is extremely disproportionate. However, that was not meant to be a problem, because over 90% of our elected MPs promised to honour the results of the referendum and deliver Brexit no matter what at the election. Yet, Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry, Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh and most MPs are crying for a second referendum. They should have held dialogue exploring why voters had made their decision, instead of actively seeking to overturn the democratic verdict.

We should not let these people down. We should not let the people in my constituency down, who voted to have their voice heard. Those in power lied about honouring the result in the last general election. The people of Wakefield should not be undermined by those who hold falsely gained power.

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  1. Wyn Baker says:

    I agree entirely in your very well written explanation. Well done!

  2. Tony Clarke says:

    The answer will come at the next General Election! We need to vote for the Brexit party whose manifesto we KNOW would be delivered!

  3. Catrina says:

    Totally agree, Samantha.
    It’s total betrayal.

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