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Unfortunately due to the high number of urgent cases, combined with the start of the local COVID-19 vaccination programme, we are currently running an urgent-only appointment service.


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Overall Patient Rating:

Based on 55 patient ratings.

I have always been treat with respect. Your staff are always pleased when they speak to you

Mary C

I've had the help I needed since being with the vine medical group I've had a small op that went well and have my diabetes checks done also my flu jabs.

Ian M

Very quick response with an appointment. Unfortunately I cannot make that appointment, so telephoned the surgery as directed and was told there was no other dates available and to phone back in a couple of weeks when hopefully more appointments become available.

Andrew C

A very clear layout, will make the site much easier to use in the future.

Kevin S

Found site very easy to navigate

David O

The app is getting better. I want to book an appointment with a nurse for a smear test, I have not yet been able to book that appointment, despite being able to cancel the one I had. I only took the one I had as the surgery couldn't offer me one for the future. App still needs tweeking, if you can cancel it would be good to re book or at least be able to know when the appointments become available. I like that I can now see my test results.

Debra D

Well set out website that is easy to navigate and contains helpful links for all my medical needs. The online consult tool is great too when needing advice.

Sarah P

They are very proactive and have been there when I needed them

Chris W

The availability of the app for ordering repeat prescriptions has made it much easier to do.

Hayley W

The new nhs app is very useful for me, ordering prescriptions and keeping abreast of nurses appointments. But it still doesn't make it any easier to make an arrangement to see a general practitioner when needed.

Larry W

I was able to make an appointment with a doctor within a reasonable time period (it was not a same day emergency appointment). I felt I had a good discussion with the doctor. I had to wait about 20 mins in the waiting room.

Jacky C

As a member of the PPG I get information regarding actions planned to improve service. The recent improvements to the telephone appointment process is a major step forward. The inability to actually see the Doctor of your choice and the limited availability of appointments is a well known reason for negative views of the Vine group by many patients. The reasons are well known both locally and nationally and hopefully some of the creative approaches being considered (staffing / organisational consolidation / skill expansion / funding) will move things in the right direction.

David T

All doctors and nurses are lovely but wish I could actually get an appointment with my own gp

B Jackson

I had a troublesome cough which had lasted a number of weeks. Decided to get checked out as recommended by NHS. Screened by telephone & appointment made ( same day) with a nurse practitioner. Conclusion during consultation hay fever ! Recommended anti histamine tablets . Symptoms cleared up within 24 hours.

Keith S

After combining a number of surgeries in Waterlooville (and becoming VINE) the VMG has introduced new ways to deal with patients, which deserve encouragement and credit. Having said that, though, I found that booking appointments online (and often over the phone) is still not good and requires improvements. I have now subscribed to the new NHS Patient Access, which encompasses all the previous features the surgery had provided and hope for some necessary improvements on the overall Patient/Surgery relationship !

Gianni M

Dr Marwaha saw me about skin complaint, he diagnosed the issue really quickly and the treatment worked. The follow appointment was short but reassuring.

Jamie P

Despite the pressure and the cuts, Vine Medical Group continue to provide the care in the community to the best they know how. The staffs from receptionists, administrators, healthcare assistants, nurses, paramedics, to doctors, everyone was always very helpful and professional. I was always very happy with the service I received. Dr Compton and Dr Fleisher are the two doctors I had contact with in the recent past if I remember correctly. They are the doctors that the organisation should be proud of. Clever, kind, polite, respectful, willing to listen, making me feel I can make my own informed decision, and respect my decision, i.e. every value a doctor should have. Despite the ever increasing pressure, you have done a bloody good job Vine Medical Team!!! Be proud!!!

L Cornwall

I am always impressed by the service I receive at the Vine Medical Group. Most recently, I needed advice on the side effects from post surgery antibiotics. It was difficult for me to attend the surgery, but a doctor called me and arranged tests. I then had a text to give me the test results, and a further text to see if I needed any help a week or so later. I know, that if I need help, it is there. This has been so vital to me as I recover from cancer, and listening to friends and family, I don’t think I would swap my surgery for anyone else’s!

Michelle J

I had to contact The Vine Medical Group last week for a same day problem. The call handler dealt with my call very quickly and as always very helpful. A doctor phoned me back within an hour and was able to diagnose and treat without needing to attend the surgery. As a busy NHS GP surgery I always get treated very well at The Vine Medical Group. Thank you to all of the hard working staff

Ruth N

I recently did an e consult and was pleased to be offered an appointment, unfortunately as i was going to be away on holiday i had to cancel the appointment

V Goodall

Thorough, friendly service from the paramedic I saw last time. Slightly less happy with response from a doctor I saw, but I put it down to overwork and underfunding

Brenda P

Response is quick, normally earlier than the date given. However, the GPs do not seem to have read what you write as they always ask you, on the phone, what it is you want. Do I think it successfully replaces actually seeing a GP face to face? Sometimes. Will I continue to be use it? Probably. I have a few issues at present and it gives me a forum on which to elaborate. Just a shame the full form is nor read. Unfortunately, this practice is now what it once was, but I guess that’s the same nationwide. Way too many of us and too few GPS. I have never met my named GP which I think speaks volumes

Sarah M

Very helpful and friendly staff.

Robert F

Same day care on two occasions with different paramedics. They listened to my husband and actioned his requests. Excellent care.

Maureen B

I recently had to give a blood sample for my annual pre diabetes check and Nurse Janet Brenchley took the sample with nfuss and more importantly NO bruising! I donate blood regularly but always seem to bruise.

Sharon L

Nick H

Love the new website. Set out really well, clean and colourful with links to everywhere. Only reason I haven't given 5 stars is that some of the links e.g. look at your test results don't seem to work yet but no notification of this is given. The staff information is excellent, too. It is useful to be able to put a face to a name. Overall, Brilliant!! and I don't usually like site updates.

John S

Today was error on online booking system. Forest end apologised for there mistakes and made me another appointment for tomorrow. Thank you all concerned

Sarah M

I have recently been visiting the nurse and health care assistants. I have found everyone kind and helpful, giving me good advice. The only small issue I have is the time it takes to get an appointment. Also the fact that although there is an app which says you can make appointments. I have always had a message saying no appointments available.


I had a suspicious lump checked and was immediately referred to the breast clinic at QA. A few weeks later I recieved a follow up call from the GP to see if everything was okay and if there was anything further they could do. Very impressed with the care and support I received.

Julie S

Lisa W

Always got me and my little girl in when we have needed to be seen!

Emily G

New updated website is full of useful information about the surgery itself and also covers many health issues. It is simple to use with clear navigation, well organised and has fast page loading compatible with other browsers. The links to external websites make it easy to source reliable information and not Dr Google! I have also downloaded the new NHS App which interacts. I can now book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and see all my medical information when I need to. A great way forward :-)


Despite local criticism and the pressure on the practice from new housing estates, both my husband and myself have never had a problem getting an appointment to see a GP.

Dorothy W

Everything that was enabled worked fine. No errors found in content.

Pete M

I was seen promptly by the receptionist who booked me in as the touch screen was not working. I was seen within 10 mins of my appointment to e by a lovely nurse who was friendly,knowledgeable and at no time made me feel hurried.

Jayne C

The occasions I have used the website, I have found it easy to use and the response times have been as advised.

Linda E

1) In "Medical Record" it can indicate under Significance : Significant . A further detail would be useful for the term "Significant" and of patient interest. 2) When a test such as e.g. Gastroscopy is undertaken, an indication that the patient has received the result would be useful. When no indication is received it appears the onus is on the patient to make contact and be assured the result has no further consequence. 3) Accepting an individuals medical records should be secure, similar to bank details, financial stock accounts etc etc., the login, requiring receipt of a numerical code is cumbersome when using a tablet and having to hunt for my mobile where i receive the message. Suggest using via a users password vault or similar and in addition requesting a response via a number of preset answers within an encrypted program.

Keith B

New NHS app is the way forward!


I certainly think this is a step in the right direction for keeping people up to date with test results etc. It might be worth a look at lengthening the time for the code to log in. On many occasions the code comes after the log in expiry time which means you cannot log in. When you are awaiting multiple test results it might save to time to write on the website that all tests have been completed. At this stage, the patient knows they are safe to carry on life as normal or if they still have the original underlying condition then they need to arrange another appointment to continue to resolve the original issue; unfortunately this seems to be an issue. The website is certainly a good step toward some continuity of feedback and progress through medical problems.

Marc L

I have visited the Stakes Lodge venue and have always received excellent service from the reception staff. I have a 6-monthly blood test and nurses are always considerate and professional.

Roger E

Call handlers are very good especially with same day care but it seems very difficult to arrange an appointment with your nominated position

Rob P

I have no problems with this surgery, I especially like the new app whereupon I can view test results, I also think the email consultation service is fantastic.


on the whole very good. my wife tried to book a doctors appointment was 30 in line to speak to reception so gave up that time. not impressed that time.

B Rogers

All of the staff I have had contact with have been absolutely brilliant. Everyone is professional, caring, and thorough. I have absolute trust in the staff at this practice to manage my chronic conditions, and feel very supported as I navigate my way through a number of health issues. Thank you!

Sarah S

I was desperate to obtain medication for my husband prescribed by a consultant endocrinologist at QA. After several visits to the Health centre and pharmacy, it was not found. I phoned the QA department, it had closed at 4 pm. The receptionist phoned all Vine surgeries. I was in receipt of email sent from consultant to my husband. She took this, contacted Dr ****** who issued the prescription and had it sent immediately to the pharmacy, medication was received at 6.15pm! I had received outstanding and determined help from the receptionist, the following working day was a Bank Holiday Monday, so very much appreciated, as husband was so in need of this additional medication on our holiday abroad on the Tuesday! This lady’s determination to help was outstanding and sympathetic.

Linda L

Always had good service when I’ve needed it and I love the new website. It’s good to be able to look back to check dates and to see your medical history. I haven’t yet used it to book appointments but I’m sure I will. I am using it for repeats of the medication I’m currently taking. All good so far!

Linda D

I have been having dressing changed for the past 6 months. I have received excellent treatment, from the nurses. When i,ve needed a same day care appointment, the receptionists have been polite and efficient, and have always found one for me.

Linda B

The receptionist was very helpful with my query

Donna H

After being discharged after spending 3 days in QA I was contacted by the surgery with a follow-up appointment and repeat prescription as requested by the hospital.

Christine G

brilliant service from one of the nurses when my son had croup. Always friendly, helpful receptionists too.

Melanie M

Its alot easier and especially with my anxiety and depression...sometimes its hard to talk on the phone So this way I can actually get things sorted.

Gemma W

Attended a meeting to check on blood pressure, urine test: had blood taken etc. Given advice on drinking more water etc etc. Advised that results would be available to view in 3 days which could be viewed on the NHS app, which I have. Cannot remember the name of the nurse but she was very friendly, helpful and professional.

David J

Good service from staff once you can get to see them. The problem, as always, is getting an appointment particularly with doctors.

Martyn S

Needs a bit of tweeking but other wise happy

Lisa M

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